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: Hello My name is Rose I am a lovely attractive Beijing lady and I would love to have the pleasure of meeting you. I am highly educated with a major in English and International relations Therefore I can relate to any situation should you desire me as a companion for dinner meeting with you and your clients here in Beijing Or if you prefer a more relaxing romantic setting that would be great. It would be great if you could tell me something's about yourself and what you enjoy so I could better accommodate you in your likes and dislikes I am sure I can fulfill all your needs as a date. I can be available anytime for you. I have a nice home and your most welcome here I am very open minded and love to learn new things. So just be open and tell me what you are seeking in a date. I am not shy and will discuss anything you like. I am very discrete and things you wish to reveal to me are always kept in the strictest of confidence So if a taste of the Orient would please you, lets meet. I am sure it will be an experience you will remember the rest of your life Thanks for taking the time to read my post here. Even if you decide I am not the one you seek it is great to know you have at least considered meeting me as a potential date and long term friend. In fact I would prefer a long term friend. But if your time restraints won't allow this then a fun filled evening together would be great Thanks

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